Joy of Christ Celebration - Highland Grass

Highland Grass

Highland Grass is a well known bluegrass band from the tri-state area of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Highland Grass has been playing good bluegrass and old time country music in the Allegheny Region for the past 3 decades. The band has featured quite a number of talented musicians through the years with the present group leaving nothing to be desired when it comes to talent.

Buggs Frank has twice won the Virginia State Banjo Contest. He also has, to his credit, won the Maryland State and West Virginia contests.

Stanley Skidmore was a valued member of The Country Gospel Singers for twenty five years. His bass / baratone voice was heard on recordings as well as his versatile bass guitar playing.

The Family group "The Country Gospel Singers" also featured Homer Beeman for twenty five years. these folks were well known throughout the region for their splended gospel singing. Homer was also one of the original members of "Gene & Joe & The Valley Troubadours" for more years than he chooses to admit to.

You will remember Gene & Joe & Highland Grass who entertained bluegrass and country music fans in the Allegheny region for nearly thirty years. Half of the duo was Joe Winebrenner. We're glad to tell you that Joe is still at it. His brother, Gene, now performs with the Winebrenner Family gospel group. If Joe could tell you of the many great musicians he's worked with through the years, it would sure take a while.

Joe, Buggs, Stanley, and Homer invite you to a free seasonal concert on Friday, December 5 at 8PM as part of the 5th annual Joy of Christ Celebration.